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SpectralSkyViewer (PC) (2018)
Trident e-Discovery Products (PC) (2012)
HVAC Diagnostic Expert System (PC) (2011)
tinyldbg (PC) (2006)


Tactical Combat Casualty Care (PC) (2005)
EMNexus / Nexus Virtual Worlds (PC) (2005)
AAI Shadow Launch and Recovery (PC) (2005)
Civil Support Team Trainer (PC) (2004)


spout: monochrome mission (Android, iOS) (2014)
Gravity Lab! (Android, iOS) (2014)
Wiki Pics: Trivia (Android) (2014)
Mr. Piston (Android, iOS) (cancelled)
Chromasome (Android, iOS) (cancelled)
The Soap Opera Trivia Challenge (Web) (2005)
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Dexter’s Laboratory: Battle Bots (Nintendo Gamecube) (cancelled)
Army Men: Squad Leader (Playstation 2) (cancelled)
Pac3D (PC) (1999)