Hello, world!

I am an Adjunct Professor of computer science topics at Stetson University, and a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Central Florida, pursuing my Ph.D. in computer science under the wise tutelage of Dr. Joseph T Kider and Dr. Charles Hughes. I am working in the interdisciplinary field of smart architecture and building performance, utilizing smart sensor technology, human-centred design, and various methods of simulation and prototyping to improve lives. Formerly, I lectured on computer science, programming, and software topics (and sometimes did admin work) at Full Sail University. I have authored and taught courses over the years pertaining to computer science, programming, computing history, engineering, capstone projects, etc., and mentored many students, mostly undergraduate and a few graduate.

Teaching computer science and programming to many age groups in many facilities has been the most cherished/rewarding part of my career. I’ve taught university students for years; participated in Code.org‘s Hour of Code with K-12 students and faculty; spoken to middle and high school students about computer science, software engineering, and STEM; and contributed to outreach programs with the same focus. I even co-founded a non-profit with colleagues, the Cacti Council, which promotes critical and creative thinking in education, especially computer science and programming.

My education includes a BS and MS in computer science from the University of Central Florida, and as mentioned, I am currently pursuing a PhD in computer science as well. I’ve been a member of various academic organizations and honor societies over the years including the ACM, OSA, IEEE, SPIE, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, and Phi Theta Kappa.

My industry programming career includes independent and commercial game development, Department of Defense simulation and visualization, power diagnostics for the power generation industry, and eDiscovery. I have worked on video game titles for the Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, and Android; on federal government contract vehicles Joint State Response Training System (JSRTS) and STRI Omnibus Contract (STOC) for the National Guard and PEO STRI; and contributed to an elaborate expert system which processed hundreds of thousands of power plant sensors daily for over 500+ turbines around the world. As a teacher, I still develop scripts, tools, and programs as needed to help with day to day maintenance and provide good examples for the students.

A long time ago in a country far, far away… I lived for a year in Japan as an exchange student via generous sponsorship by the International Rotary Youth Exchange program. It was such a rich, insightful experience, that I feel every student should have the opportunity (or even be required) to attend school in another country. I have also traveled to China 4 times.

Sometimes I moonlight as a video game music composer and sfx dude. Some titles include: Gravity Lab!, spout: monochrome mission, and a tactics game currently in production…

I am somewhat of a hobby collector. I enjoy pleasure reading, learning (just about anything), biking around town, playing and writing music, sailing, home improvement, gardening, spending time with friends and family, wandering around town aimlessly, volunteering, playing Pokémon GO, and dreaming up new hobbies that I may never have time for…